I don't have a Paypal Account?
You don’t need a Paypal Account to buy TTS. Enter your details on the TTS Sign Up page and then click Next. You will be redirected to the Paypal site. From here simply select the Pay With Debit or Credit Card link and make payment without creating a Paypal account.


I really don't want to use Paypal
Ok, Simply drop me an email and I will give you an address to send a Cheque or PO. Once funds are cleared I will set you up with an account manually and email you the login details.


How do I login to the Members Area?
You can access the Members Area by simply logging into the box in the right hand column marked Members Area (if you are already logged in it will say Logged In and have your name and a link for the Members Area). Simply use the details you chose when signing up and click Login>Members Area. Alternatively you can login at http://www.trainertrackstats.com/members/member for direct Members Area access.


I've forgotten/lost my Login details
No problem. Simply use the Lost Password link underneath the sign in box to the right and we will send out your details to the email address we have on file.


How do I download the TTS Guides?
Once you have entered the Members Area simply click the link Download Guides (underneath Members Links).


Where do I get the Daily Selections from?
Once you have entered the Members Area simply click the link Daily Selections (underneath Members Links).


There is nothing showing under Members Links
There may be a problem with your subscription. Please get in touch with us using the email address admin@trainertrackstats.com .



What is the best way to back each selection?
I recommend backing every selection to win (unless each way is stated), at the same level stake using Betfair S.P. This is how we will track the results over the coming Season 


How many selections do you envisage having over the four months?
If we take a look at the figures for the last 5 years we can see that there have been 1143 runners from our trainers which works out roughly to about 230 a year, 57 a month or around 2 a day. 


Do all criteria for each trainer have to be met?
Yes, including the Trainer’s current win % for the last fortnight. If it fails on any criteria it won’t be a qualifier.


Do we back every runner from the Selection Page?
Yes, every runner listed on the selections page has passed all the criteria and is a qualifier.